Ane Nielsen

An excellent actress


Ane in her rightful position at number one. She is smart, beatifull, talented, dedicated, funny, elegant, sophisticated, sexy, well spoken, flexible and magnificent. Ane can play any role better than most other actresses in her league.

Stage photo. Reading in a book as part of the act.

This part includes the following text at the point where the princess wakes up: "Est-ce vous, mon prince?"

Does the fairy tale continue or do we have to be realistic about how our life and all it throws at us will change our relationship? Does the fire and passion of these glorious first years end up being replaced with hot flushes and patience?

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl called Cinderella and she had two ugly step sisters who were very unkind who made her do all the hard work. She had to sweep the floors, do all the dishes, while they dressed up in fine clothes and went to lots of parties.

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